Alien Abduction Lamp: “Take Me To Your Reader”


If you have a strong obsession with UFOs and aliens, or let’s say you just want an alternative to your old boring lamp, well, this is the lamp to have. The Alien Abduction Lamp is something extraordinary for the lamp industry. There is something attractive about the light coming out from the UFO body. Designed by Lasse Klein and licensed under the Creative Commons standard, this is probably a great substitute to your old and ordinary lamp.

Lasse Klein got the idea for the abduction lamp as he was driving past a lamp store and saw the light fall from one of the lamps in the window. The idea stuck in his head and soon began creating the model for a lamp of his own.

How does it work?

A light source inside the UFO body lights up the windows as well as the cone shaped glass beam with the mysterious aliens. The beam glass is frosted to diffuse the light enough to spread it in all directions. The antenna has more uses than the obvious function of being an intergalactic communication device. Pressing the antenna turns the lamp on and off and turning the antenna enables the pulsating beam feature.

You want to have it now, do you? Unfortunately, the Alien Abduction Lamp is not available yet and still in the functional prototype stage. But it looks like it’s on its way to become a product, so watch out folks!

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