Airzooka Air Gun

airzookaAs a kid, I always had fun playing with different sorts of gun that operate in different ways. I had those squirt guns, ultra range water guns and even those ultimate water pump launchers. I also had variations of sling shots that fire neon balls instantaneously or those that operate with a rotating mechanism to effectively fire the ammo at long range. Ahh! those good times when I was a kid. I was able to relive them all when I saw this cool air bazooka called Airzooka.

This is like those that I have mentioned earlier but more stealthy and more fun! It uses air balls that can be shot effectively from 30 meters or even more! It works by pulling an elastic air launcher at the back and the conic barrel body concentrates the air giving it a body that works like a ball. The thing is that since it uses air, it doesn’t run out of ammunition or can be seen by people. You will just be amazed how people that you have shot with the Airzooka suddenly get puzzled why their hair moved like a ghost did it or how the skirts suddenly flutter in the air. From hitting dried leaves to clueless people, this thing will surely bring loads of fun! This can be more of a prank gadget but it surely brings out the kid in us.

Get yours only at the Geekie Store. Airzooka

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