AirScript Wireless Translator for Live Theater

One of the best things about London is its theater scene. Unfortunately, not every person who appreciates good theatre speaks the Queen’s English. Good thing there’s AirScript now! This Wi-Fi enabled handheld gadget is the world’s first closed caption system for theatre productions. Designed and developed by Cambridge Consultants, AirScript delivers subtitles from each show via personal handsets in real time, in a wide selection of languages simultaneously [including Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French, and Spanish], allowing both non-native speaking audience members and those with hearing impairments to enjoy the production. Unlike existing translation solutions available on the market today, AirScript ensures that each and every performance is accessible to all.

airscriptCambridge Consultants has designed the AirScript to be easy to use and comfortable for all ages and abilities, with an ergonomic shape and no complex menus or controls to master. Audience members simply select the language via a touch screen and then sit back. No other inputs are required. A full colour, high resolution widescreen display and a high reliability wireless link delivers subtitles from the performance to personal handsets in real time. The handsets also sports an internal battery which can be recharged by stowing them into a supplied charging rack, giving theatres a convenient place to store the handsets while not in use. The batteries also last the life of the handset, meaning, they do not need to be replaced.

You can now get the AirScript but you can also find other electronic translators here if the AirScript doesn’t suit your needs.

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