AirPod – The Power to Drive Both by Air and On Land


As people are getting more concerned about the environment and thinking ways to lessen expenses, a lot of concepts are now brought into production. Even unconventional elements are now being found a practical function. Can you imagine driving your car without steering wheel, without petrol, and even without the typical four wheels? How about using air while driving? Yup yup, this is happening. This vehicle, introduced as AirPod by MDI International, was recently shown in the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Actually, AirPod can be driven using the energy contained from compressed air that is stored at 5,000 pounds per square inch pressure. With its air tank that can contain up to 210 liters, you can deliver your goods in the neighborhood, visit a friend, or go to a shop as the AirPod has a range of over 112 miles. Its engine can produce 8 horsepower or take you for a ride in less than 45 mph. Say goodbye to high amount of petrol when you use this vehicle. One euro per refill, isn’t that far economical?

Looking outside the AirPod, it can accommodate three passengers; one for the driver, of course facing forward, while the other two facing backward. Don’t expect the usual steering wheel because you will now control a joystick to lead your way. The AirPod also makes use of only three wheels, reducing one wheel expense compared to typical four-wheel car, right? Emission-free, light-weight, and small-size – Airpod is really another creation keeping money and environment in mind.

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