Aerogrow is the Way to Plant!

aerogrowDo you have a green thumb? Can you plant like anything and just seem to have a charm, talent, skill or whatever and make it grow? Then this isn’t the item for you. On the contrary, if you seem to have planted a lot of things yet a few only sprouted (like me) or have just gave you false hopes of growing into a big plant and just wilt along the way, then rejoice since frustrations will now end!

The Aerogrow is the simplest way to plant your own herbs and spices without getting your hands dirty. The Aerogrow works on the system of aeroponics which doesn’t depend on a medium to grow like soil for traditional planting or water for hydroponics. All you have to do to plant is put in the seeds into the seed pod and plug it in – that easy! Even taking care of the plants is easier than letting your dog out for a walk. The Aerogrow would tell you how much water or nutrients to add. Lighting wouldn’t be a problem since it has its own lighting system that would adjust according to the plants’ needs. All of this user friendly innovation is brought about by the microchip inside the system. The package includes Cilantro, Chives, Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Dill, Mint, and Parsley seeds, some nutrients and the device itself. Additional seeds can be purchased such as Chillies, Baby Tomatoes and more Gourmet Herbs. According to the manufacturer, this system is so efficient that the plant’s growth rate is 3x that of traditional methods!

Have an experience of how astronauts plant in space with the Aerogrow!

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