Add excitement to your Father’s Day with the Daddy Wine Puzzle

Father’s day is coming up! It is the time of the year, and the summer, when we honor our fathers with the usual gifts we send to our dearest dads–a new pair of socks, a Father’s Day greeting card, maybe even the nice polo shirt he has been eyeing for months now. They get these every year; why not surprise him with the unconventional? For those of you who are willing to spend a rather crazier Father’s Day celebration, then, here comes The Daddy Wine Puzzle. It gives the extra zest to the otherwise dull and ordinary bottle of wine.
The package comes with a quality bottle of Castillo de Anna Gran Reserva 2000, from Virgin Wines. But, before your dad pours himself a glass, he would have to go through the complicated contraption that locks it in.
The thing about this amazing puzzle is it can either infuriate the impatient father eager for his first glass of wine for the night, or amuse the fun dad who is always game for the challenge. Maybe your father is a mix of both, then just look at his face as he tries with all his wits and strength to finally uncork that delectable bottle of wine.
Another good thing about it is that after your daddy has successfully solved the puzzle, he can use it again in other bottles of wine with a 3.3 cm diameter neck. So during your next shindig, he can play with other unsuspecting guests as they try to open the night’s first bottle of wine.  Avail of the Daddy Wine Puzzle by visiting this website.


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