A Tripod and Case in One Handy Camera Accessory

wrap-upLooking at the specs of a camera, people never fail to mention on how much the camera weighs or its size on your palm or pocket. However, even if your camera is the slimmest, it will be surely offset by your camera bag plus peripherals like extra battery slot, memory card slot or for even a tripod.

Thinking about that, I have bought a slim camera case that would just be sufficient to protect and to fit my camera so that I could just slip the whole thing in my pocket without the bulk. But when I thought about bringing my so called portable octopus legs mini tripod, it just wouldn’t add up. I have my camera in my pocket but where would I have to put my tripod? With that, I always wrestle on choosing whether I should bring my tripod to get great steady and clear shots and bear the bulk or just have my camera and its case to snugly fit in my pocket.

Now, as I see this thing, I felt that this is heaven sent! It has all the things that a compact camera owners need – good protection, light weight and with a built-in tripod. The whole thing can be set up by connecting the screw underneath your camera where the tripod is placed and then the whole camera case is secured already. Just wrap it around and you’re ready to go! Just unwrap when you need to use the tripod and click away!

This is convenience at its best. Get yours easily through the GeekieStore.

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