A football helmet to prevent players overheating in the field

Hothead_HelmetHothead Technologies has just released a football helmet that is capable of measuring a football player’s temperature and relaying the information back to the coach. Since 1995, 39 football players, mostly high school students, have died of overheating while playing football or training for a game. This shows that broken ankles or broken noses aren’t the only dangers that players must prevent when playing. A thermistor is located under the padding of the helmet. It measures the temperature of a player in his temporal artery. The measured temperature is sent back to the coach through a built-in radio also found inside the helmet. It is shown through a PDA that the coach will be able teklogicto monitor while watching. Only temperatures between 99.9 degrees and 110 degrees fahrenheit will be sent; illness usually settles at 104 degrees fahrenheit. This system is called HOT or Heat Observation Technology. However, it is possible that the temperature measured is a few degrees away from the real temperature of the player, because of other factors like rain and sweat. But overall, the Hothead measures the precise temperatures.

Hothead Technologies is already wrapping up deals with major football helmet companies. They are also negotiating with the NFL. A football team using the Hothead will have to play $5o for each player per year. They also have to pay $100 for the PDA service. There were already 10, 000 orders from helmet companies for this year and they are expecting accepting 400, 000 orders by 2011, mostly for high school football teams.

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