A Closer Look at the Sky with mySky

What can you feel when you are that bubbly and fascinated in staring the amazing sky entities above you, or say the well-known Big Dipper, but your pal beside you can only give this reaction, “Huh? Where? I can barely see it”. Well, I know it doesn’t feel good. But now, there is a reason to feel better! Bid goodbye to very distant view of the sky by using mySky!


This one-of-a-kind handheld gadget recommended from 14 years old and above is the ultimate real-time guide to the space blanket. Simply point it at a certain spot in the sky, the LCD screen will display the object in full colour mode after mySky recognized the object you point it at. What’s more? It can identify over 30,000 marvelous heavenly bodies! You can have pieces of information about the stars, galaxies, and planets. The mySky can even direct you to the best sky spot depending on date, time, and where you are using its audio and visual features.

Do not set aside your once favorite computerized or non-computerized telescope. This mySky device can be paired with telescopes to help the latter navigate your selected constellation. It can even add a GPS function to your non-computerized telescope.

Having this latest gadget could literally make you see space creations inches away. So if you want to take science class or before bedtime experience in a whole new level, better have mySky now! Take a sneak peak here.

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