A big novelty might hit your nearest public bathrooms!

The Toto Ultimate Clean Toilet, designed by Young Sang Eun, might be the best thing that has happened in the toilet industry. This fashionable toilet doubles as a urinal and a sit-down toilet.

ultimate_toilet4One side is the urinal and the other is the sit-down. It is very easy to use as a simple push of a button can transform the common urinal to the ordinary sit-down commode.

It is very easy to use. A simple button will do it for you. Another big advantage of using this is that it saves up space. It is very much similar to a folding bed. If it is not being used, it can be folded and tucked away safely. If the sit-down commode of this toilet is not being used, it can be transformed to a urinal, which takes up less space than its counterpart. You also do not have to use your time and money into buying a separate toilet and a separate urinal. This is a big thing for public bathrooms and restaurants who prefer a single room for the hygiene needs of both genders.


Other than its amazing transforming ability, it is also capable of cleaning itself. It uses steam and UV, a common term in today’s technology market, to sanitize itself when it is not being used. This great feature is a reason why it is very much recommended for public toilets. Our public bathrooms will be as clean as ever. It is much more hygienic and imagine not having the need to endure an excruciating squat while we do our business. Check out similar products here.

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