Sony DPP- F700: A Photo Frame and Printer in One Device

DPP-F700_Black_Hand_1-1200_medIf you have a digital camera, more or less you have gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos stored in your computer that you have shared through facebook or multiply. Yeah it is convenient because uploading your whole documentation of your holiday in Rome can be shared to everyone from friends to acquaintances in matter of minutes. Digital photo frames are also popular storage device of photos and videos that can actually be displayed in your home whenever a visitor comes.

So imagine that your friends came over to your house to catch up on things. They saw your digital photo frame with all the great memories that all of you had and wanted prints for some pictures. You might immediately set up your computer and run the printer. But don’t you think that it would be best if the photo frame itself print pictures? Well, the Sony DPP F700 do just that!

This digital photo frame is now a multi-tasker that can show not only pictures but also print photos. Pictures can be viewed on the 7″ LCD display in front and pictures printed out with a maximum size of 4×6 with quality similar to other photo printers. There is a built-in 1GB storage but can accommodate up to 2,000 photos with the built-in image resizer.

This nifty gadget will be on sale this coming January so you could still save up for the projected $200.00 selling price. Meanwhile, you could browse other digital photo frames from Sony at Amazon.

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