701 Jewelry Computer – Think Ironman in Gold and Swarovski Armor


All show and no go. That is how I would describe one of the most expensive jewelry PC, the 701 Jewelry revealed in Korea. Designed by Moneual, it has so much show power that it puts the –ling sound in bling-bling with its 3,554 pieces of Swarovski Signature crystals. These adorn the buttons, edges and screen frame, enough to put any rapper to shame. The casing is graciously plated with gold and brass which means this luxury computer is literally a heavyweight at 35 kilograms and with its bulky cylindrical appearance, it may need quite a few interior planning on where to place this PC.

Equipped with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processor and an ATI Radeon HD 4000 GPU, I say it has good specs enough even to handle upcoming graphically-demanding games. But with all the flashes and sparkles of crystals and gold, I doubt that even doing a simple word document would be a simple task. There is also the issue of the 7-inch touchscreen. It’s not much space to work on but at least it is touch screen, which adds to the flair. With an estimated price tag of a staggering $30,000.00, we can always dream and look at this website for the luxury many of us couldn’t have.

Well if you only have a hundred or so dollars to spare, and you don’t mind foregoing the Swarovski, you might want to take a look at some high-end rigs right here.

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