Mobility, Maximum Comfort for a Perfect Rest is Selk Bag’s Objective

selk bag

You love your freedom in the outdoors.

You hike, run, climb, eat, sit, and freely connect with the world around you.

So why settle for a sleeping bag that stops and separates you like a mummy all night long?

selkbagSelk Bag offers an innovative alternative. Selk Bag provides a new way to be in your sleeping bag – not as a mummy, but as a living human being. It is a sleeping system which allows you to “wear” your sleeping bag, offering maximum mobility and comfort during periods of rest. It is a sleeping bag with a hood, arms and legs and reversible hand zippers. This revolutionary sleeping bag will keep you toasty in chill climes with a comfort temperature of 12.4 degrees Celsius. The suit lining is made from soft-touch nylon, padded with a Polyester Hollow Fibre Bonded filling, and comes in four different colors (Army Green, Yellow, Black, and Red) and three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

This is the most versatile sleeping bag on the market. Perfect for campers who wish to stay warm and walk around without waddling across the campsite like a penguin. Get this right here and walk, sit, jump, hug, read a book, eat, drink a cup of tea, curl up next to your tent buddy – all while warm and comfortable inside your sleeping bag.

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