5 Outdoor BBQ Gear Must-Haves

For BBQ lovers, there’s no better feeling than firing up the grill and enjoying their favorite grilled gourmet in the company of friends and family. And because of that, we have listed 5 outdoor BBQ gear must-haves to make the most of your grilling.

lumos3Let’s start with the transforming grill, shall we? Why transforming? Because at first glance, this device looks just like your average outdoor grill. But actually, it is more than just a grill. Simply flipping up the chimney converts it into an elegant outdoor fireplace. And in an instant, the chimney stack folds to the side, giving you a cutting board and some counter space for plates, tools, and condiments.


Now, if you like nothing than grilled kebab, there’s the Fire Wire BBQ Skewers. These 100% stainless steel skewers make grilling meat easier than ever on even the smallest BBQ. Because they are cables and can be bent, you can drape them over the grill any way you want, saving loads of room for bigger things like steak and sausages. They even make marinating the meat a doddle as once you’ve slid the meat onto the wire, you can dunk it in whatever you want and use the wire to lift your meaty chunks out of the marinade, keeping your hands clean.

piccon_lgAnd because we all love to season our food (it’s the seasoning that really makes a meal, right?), next is this unique little condiment set – a miniature wooden picnic bench that comes with the various bottles and shakers you will need for basic seasoning: mustard, ketchup, salt, and pepper. This mini picnic table is not only ideal for eating outdoors, BBQs, you can also use it as a condiment set for your kitchen. An ideal gift for the BBQ enthusiast, or just someone who loves burgers and chips!


To revolutionize your barbequing, you’ll need the Grillslinger – a super handy utility belt for all your BBQ tools. Fully adjustable, this belt holds a set of very high quality BBQ tools like tongs, spatula, and knife – all in quick-draw lock and load inserts (that are machine washable), room for a bottle of oil, and a pair of salt and pepper shakers. Now, instead of spending 10minutes going in and outdoors setting yourself up with all the bits and pieces you need, you just buckle on your Grillslinger and you’re ready to go.

And wsolar_bench_02-218-85hile waiting for your grilled foods to be served, surf the net. Owen Song has designed a Wi-Fi enabled, solar-powered bench called Solar Inside. It includes a battery that wills store energy by thin solar panels placed on the surface. It can be installed anywhere without any specific requirements for its working. At night, the Solar Inside will use stored electricity to work as night-lighting system.

These are the 5 Gear must-haves for your barbequing.

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