XLink BT Integrates Your Call


Integrate your cellphones now and make it easier to call and answer from your several cellphones. Keep track of your calls so not to miss any of it. Relax yourself as you can sit back and answer calls without rushing to find where you placed your numerous cellphones.

The XLink BT permits you to make and accept calls from your typical land-line phone over your mobile set of connections. On one occasion set-up you just have to leave and be sure your cellphone inside Bluetooth array of the XLink box and then if someone calls to your cell will ring and be answerable in the region of the house and outgoing calls made from your regular phone will be redirected to your cell.

Other remarkable advantage of the XLink is, it permits you to channel your land-line and make the majority of the free of charge calls to facilitate what you acquire by means of most cellphone contracts. It can be used along 3 cellphones at the same time, with every cell generating a diverse ring tone on the extra phones (once calling elsewhere you specify which cell to make use of by a numeric prefix).

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