“He Who Controls the Presentation, Won’t Probably Get Fired” – Pocket Wireless Touchpad with Media Controls

pocket wireless touchpad
Presentations and reports can make or break your career especially when the eyes of the top dogs in your company are on you. When your job hangs on the balance, you will need every edge that you can get – even in the form of Pocket Wireless Touchpad with Media Controls. This pocket wireless touchpad can serve as a 200 dpi mouse and media control for your PC or laptop while giving presentations. It gives you freedom to move about the room and focus on impressing your bosses.

Taking advantage of Bluetooth technology, you can control your presentation up to 7 meters with ease by using a secure 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection. Compatibility won’t be an issue since Bluetooth is a fairly common technology nowadays, unless you are using a computer older than your grandma – which in case, find a new job. The device also called as Touchpad Sans Laptop uses the regular USB or PCMCIA port to recharge. Once fully charged, it can go on up to 4 hours. The wireless touchpad also serves as a laser pointer to aid in your visual presentation and at the same time focus everybody’s attention on the “board” when you feel the need to scratch whatever it is that itches.

The button on your control will be of course the 1.5 sq. inch touchpad, presenter buttons (for the slides) and the multimedia controls. Whenever you need to conjure the next slide, play a video or stop music, the Pocket Wireless Touchpad with Media Controls will put everything in your hands.

Better impress your boss and colleagues so buy your portable laptop-style touchpad now. Check out more of the details at ThinkGeek.com

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