“Cooking in the Futur” – Intense and Light

Having food and diet in the form of pills and tablets in the future is not so cool. Luckily, thanks to Ludovic Peperstraete, the future of our cooking and food preparation will not be a gastronomic disaster. Ludovic designed “Cooking in the Futur” for Electrolux design lab Contest and it is the future of culinary arts by using lasers to cook food. After 90 years, the future mom, chef or robo-cook will have the choice if they will fry, boil, bake, microwave or hit their food with 2 or more intersecting harmless lasers to cook their food. Three lasers in each point of an inverted triangle will cook the food in the middle. Although 1 laser can’t cook the food, crossing 2 lasers can easily get the job done.

cooking in the futureThe stylish, elegant and compact design of the device will give much needed space in the kitchen. The system is also easy to operate since you can scan your meal before cooking and set your desired texture. There could be options for texture from “Ye Old Leather” to “Cotton Candy” and everything in between. Unlike using the conventional oven or microwave where the right time has to be set to the best texture and flavor, in laser cooking just set the desired texture and there you have it. To add more flavor and aroma in cooking, a different and new type of ventilation is incorporated.

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