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Zune MP3 Player

ZUNE is a brand made by Microsoft which produces digital media players and services. The ZUNE software and ZUNE marketplace provide online music, videos, pod casts, channel selections, and a social network. Combined with their portable media devices, ZUNE encompasses all media needs. Also the ZUNE “network” supports the Xbox 360 system and is part of the Xbox Live network.

With the ZUNE library you can customize, organize, and sort your collection anyway you see fit and then sync it onto your ZUNE device or Xbox 360. The marketplace is an online store that allows people to search, browse, preview, and purchase MP3’s, TV shows, pod casts, videos, or gallery images. They also include a social aspect of sharing media favorites which allows friends to connect with artists and each other. The ZUNE network is great with or without their devices, you can become part of the ZUNE world and enjoy the 1000’s of songs, videos, and all the other media they have available.

Their devices come in 4, 8, 16, 80, and 120GB sizes. They all hold 25,000 pictures but vary in the amount of songs and videos they can hold. The 4GB holds 1000 songs and 12 hours of video; the 8GB holds 2000 songs and 25 hours of video; the 16GB holds 4000 songs and 50 hours of video; the 80 holds 20,000 songs and 250 hours of video; and the huge 120GB can hold 30,000 songs and 375 hours of video.

Available in many different colors, sizes, and now even customizable designs this can be a very personalized item. This could be a perfect gift this Christmas, to find out more about ZUNE check them out at:

The latest Zune models are available at Amazon.com
 or search for ZUNE deals at www.bid4rares.com

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