ZITC USB stick

ZITC USB stick

The Zuric Research Laboratory has designed a new device that allows user to have secure online banking. This device is known as ” Trusted Information Zone Channel ” (ZITC) USB Stick. This device looks like a USB stick which is equipped by a screen and a control button.  This device will connect to a secure online banking server and a real time monitoring of transaction of data.

The ZITC is connected thorugh  a USB port on the computer and builds a TLS or SSL protocol connection to a secure online banking server. This device is alredy equippied with the necessary data, so that no log-in information stays in the browser of your pc. User can also make modifications to the device which only possible through the secure connection by the bank server. This device will protect you against malware, hacker attacks, and also “man -in -the-middle” attacks where the hacker hacks the data between the computer and the servers and manipulate the data inorder to get access  to the online banking.

The ZITC USB Stick is compatible with any operating system and does not need any kind of installation software. Users can use the security to log on and validiate all transaction via a display on the stick. Banks can also add smart cards via slot or use PINs validation code and other security layers for additional safety.

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