Your pen on the go

Ever missed an important concept that your teacher discussed in class? Failed to jot down the important instruction that your boss told you in a meeting? Or overheard that one crucial detail that was announced during a press conference?

Now fret no more.

From now on, Livescribe Pulse Smartpen can take down all your notes and share it conveniently. Loaded with a small computer around it, the Pulse Smartpen can surely capture every stroke and notation that you are making.

Also with a built-in recorder, the pen can simultaneously capture every sound and notation while simultaneously recording every sound.

You can also share your notes by transferring them to your PC.

The captured material is timeline based, so by pointing back to any page in your notes and tapping the pen on a word will automatically restart your audio at the exact time you wrote that word!

Seem like those features are already too much to handle? Wait til you receive the entire package.

Coming with a college-ruled notebook of microdot paper, the Pulse Smartpen includes a sheet of interactive controls that you can affix to any surface.

Among them are a calculator, menu navigation arrows, bookmarks, and paper replay, playback speed, and volume controls.

There’s also a USB-based magnetic docking cradle and faux-leather sleeve for the pen.

Sold for only $149 for the 1GB version and $199 for the 2GB, this new gadget promise you that you would never miss a word, ever.

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