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asahi beer robot
Beer has always been a part of my routine everyday. I can’t say that I am alcoholic because I still think I am healthy person. One ice cold beer will be enough for me per day. Until I found out something that could help me, being beer-lover, satisfy my beer drinking sessions. There’s this cool gadget made in Japan which helps pour ice cold beer in the comfort of your own place. You can even drink inside your room since it is not as big and bulky as that of the normal refrigerator. I think this could help me enjoy more of my drinking routine.
This robot is named Asahi. It can store at most 6 beers in can plus two beer-filled mugs. This robot gadget is really magnificent since with only a simple push of the button found in Asahi robot, you can drink your beer in the most convenient way. Aside from storing and making your beer cold, Asahi can open a beer for you if you’re tired from your daily work. The great thing about this product is that it is free if you purchase Asahi beer and collect 36 seals found on special bottles of Asahi. Sounds brilliant? I think all beer-lovers out there will definitely dig and befriend this great robot gadget from Asahi. So what are you waiting for? If you want a help from our beer-friendly robot, then start buying Asahi beers now to be able to redeem this great Asahi beer-pouring robot, or you can purchase this in Japan if you’re one of those living-up-your-dreams kind of dude.

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