XO-1 : The greenest umpc in town


     Also known as the $100 laptop or children’s machine, the XO-1 created by the One Laptop Per Child Association and manufactured by the Taiwanese computer company, Quanta Computer, is an inexpensive yet economical and top of the line laptop designed to be distributed to children in developing nations around the world. This unit would provide the kids access to knowledge all over the world through the internet, and would let them express themselves, explore the world and expand their minds.

      Why is it called the greenest laptop on earth? That is a great question. This laptop simply is very economical and ecological. It doesn’t contain mercury, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium and  brominated fire retardant. the design is rugged, it uses flash drive as it’s memory and doesn’t use a hard drive. It is an ultra low powered device, meaning it can save 4x in battery life compared to the ordinary laptop we use at home. There’s more! It’s battery decomposes into  fertilizer with processing!


 You won’t find it in shops anytime soon, but here’s a quick guide for the specs of this awesome mother earth – friendly buddy:

Processor : depends, but mostly it uses the GEODE technology of AMD

1 gig RAM

internal LD cardslot

Built in stereo speakers and mic

WiFi enabled

3 USB ports

ultra low powered pc

     Hope that the developer would develop such  a computer available to the public so anyone can purchase this phenomenal buddy. =)

To keep the design as a low powered device, the XO-1 left all the motor moving parts of the PC such as the hard disk,  cd rom/dvd drive etc.

     Technology seems to be aware of the health of mother earth, a good change that we are alarmed by mother earth’s plead to save and preserve her resources.

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