Xbox 360 – Microsoft’s Next Generation in Gaming

Xbox 360 Premium

Microsoft has developed the next generation in their Xbox series, the Xbox 360. Microsoft in combination with IBM, ATI, and SiS unveiled the Xbox 360 in November of 2005. The 360 is in direct competition with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii but is definitely keeping up.

The Xbox 360 includes a large hard disk drive to store downloaded content and provide compatibility with original Xbox games as well as store saved game data. This included hard drive comes pre-loaded with game demos, video clips, and one free Xbox Live Acrade game.

The Xbox Live network is an exclusive online gaming network created strictly for the Xbox 360 players. It is a perk that Microsoft has over the other gaming industries, their own private intranet service strictly for owners of their system. Many of the new Xbox 360 games are created with the Xbox Live network in consideration.

This year the Xbox 360 comes in three different styles, the “Arcade”, the “Premium”, and the “Elite”. The “Arcade” style is the smallest and most inexpensive of the three styles. It has a 256MB hard drive and does not come with a lot of the extras such as headsets, wireless controls, and certain cables. The “Premium” style is the most common one purchased. It is the middle of the road system, it has a 60GB hard drive and most of the extras. But the “Elite” is the best of their line, with a 120GB hard drive and all the extras possible it is priced the highest and is the most sought after.

With some of the most technological graphics, largest storage capability, and most innovative online gaming possibilities the Xbox 360 is truly a must for any true “gamer”.

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