Write it on my toast Mom!

My work requires me to stay up late and then wake up early the next day, so by the time the clock strikes at 7 I’m not only groggy but I also run around like a nutcase so I can be on time for work.

My mom always scolds me every time I don’t eat breakfast, so I try to be an obedient daughter and at least grab a bite to eat. However, I don’t always have time to munch on something and they always have some last minute errand they want me to do for them.

Good thing I found this great toaster online and it really fits into what I needed. Not only does it do a great job toasting your bread, given you don’t burn it, it can also be used as a message toast, I mean board for last minute tasks or favors.

How, pray tell? The toaster has a whiteboard-like panel on top and a pen for you to use. Once you have written your message, it automatically toasts itself into the bread, which acts as a “list” or a “notepad”.

No need for you to get your hands dirty, literally, because now you can just write it on toast. Now munch away but please make sure you don’t bite into the message if you haven’t read it yet.

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