WowWee Tri-Bot will Be Your Good Playmate at Home

As one of the world leading robot manufacturer company, WowWee has invented numerous types of robots that we can’t even imagine of.

Now, WowWee has another new creation and this new fellow will fascinate you. Guys, let’s meet this Tri-Bot.

Unlike the normal Robosapien or Roboreptile, this WowWee Tri-Bot is slightly different from the others (At least this Tri-Bot is been well programmed by emotions and personality) and this will be a credit for this Tri-Bot.

You must be wondering, how did Tri-Bot got its name? Well, the full name form for the Tri-Bot is “Tri-Wheel omni-directional base robot” (Nah, just forget about the middle blah, blah, blah and take the front and the end word, and you will get this ‘Tri-Bot’ name).

Basically, Tri-Bot is a legless robot, instead is uses three wheels which are powered by three motors. In addition to the above features, there also three infrared sensors which located at the mid-chest and mid-back of the Tri-Bot.

The Tri-Bot can be easily controlled by remote using a tilt sensor, where it only needs three AAA batteries and your Tri-Bot is set to go.

The best part about this Tri-Bot is with less than hundred bucks, you can take the brand new Tri-Bot back to your home. This Tri-Bot will be a good companion for your long and hot summertime.

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