World’s Cutest Robotic Healing Dog

My dog is a big part of my life. He makes me smile when I’m feeling down, he encourages me to exercise because he always wants to be walked and he’s just so darn adorable that I want to pet and cuddle him 24/7.

However, there are times when I’m so tired from work that I feel so lazy to clean up after him and I end up wishing he was some kind of robot who can take care of himself yet still be the same sweet and affectionate dog that I love.

Welcome Dacky the Healing Partner, an up to date robot dog that can “heal” its master when disappointments and bad things chance upon them.

Having six internal sensors placed in various parts of its body, Dacky has the ability to respond to its master when you carry, touch or talk to it by means of his delightful puppy dog eyes. He can learn up to 650 Japanese words and when you’ve taught him to become a “mature” dog he’ll be able to chat you up on how your day was, greet you on your birthday, sing a duet with you and even wake you up.

Get ready for the world’s cutest robotic dog that will fill your days with fun and delight.

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