Wireless Puppy Spy Cam: Let a dog do the recording

Another week passed. This week we proud to announce “Spy Week” for all gadgets fans out there. If technology is your second name, we give you first information about it. As we discover, technology is radically transforming the way we lead our lives. Now all you ever need to fulfill your spy gadget is one of this Puppy wireless Spy Cam which looks cute and pretty handy that can be placed anywhere you like without being noticed.

Whenever you want to watch what is going around your room, a man’s best friend is going to help you out now. You new pet that is, a dog toy that records everything secretly without bringing any attention towards it. Spy gadgets are always there to venture your secret activities. So far many expensive spy cams always stopped you from owning them.

Not any more, Puppy wireless Spy Cam is just what you have been looking for a long time. It gets better as it is wireless so you can put it anywhere you like. A secretly placed hidden cam in a dog’s nose lets you see and record the video around its vision. Additionally, it also includes a microphone which makes it more useful to catch the conversation that is going around behind your back. So hidden cam in a nose will start transmitting everything it smells sees and hear to a receiver.

Weighing just around 180 gram, this lightweight has a size of just 7.5 x 12.5 x 2.4 cm which makes it cool and no one will notice.

Brief Specs.

Transfer rate of video: wireless (2.4GHz frequency)

Video Format: PAL (Resolution: 628×582) / NTSC (Resolution: 510×492)

Weigh: 182 g.

The unit includes a receiver, 2 adapters for receiver and the unit, AV cable. You can find the complete setup guide lines through the user manual book.

So making a small step that gives more result and effective one,  this Puppy wireless Spy Cam is useful for those wants to spy on various things.

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