Wingman Car Seat

Wingman Car Seat

Wingman Car Seat

Another car seat for your kid? Oh it isn’t interesting to buy.

But take a snap here; they hardly ever release designs different from every other car seat developed in the past twenty years. Yes, they might have more safety features, but usually you’re going to get stuck with some dull designed car seat probably featuring cartoon charters. This seems a bit inequitable once you imagine about it. Am I right?

Besides, your kid doesn’t really mind what their car seats design till their later years of sitting in one.

Why don’t you buy a car seat that will look attractive in your car? A designer has decided to create one, inspired by racing gear.

Rory Craig, a designer, pitched his design idea from Sparco Motor Sports. They are famous for their racing enthused seats and safety harnesses. The car seat will positively work for your child throughout all three of the phase they will go through in a car seat. It would lessen your expense to buy a new car seat.

Its body is made out of carbon fiber which means it will be very frivolous and well-built. The designer invests $4,000 to produce the seat, with any luck the next model he craft won’t be pretty so luxurious.

Have one and try it. If interested bid here.

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