Wine Organizer

Want to keep those liquor anywhere except your blooddy torned liver?

Meet the best selling EuroCave Comfort 260 wine cellar!

Customized with more temperature precision with digital controls, the EuroCave Digital Comfort 260 black wine cellar operates flawlessly for temperature control, while its black cabinet finish and UV-protected glass door will fit seamlessly anywhere in your home.

This UL rated wine cellar is individually handcrafted in a thirty-step process.

The EuroCave Digital Comfort 260 assures you that it will provide years of smooth, quiet, vibration-free service.

With the utmost ease of operation, the EuroCave Digital Comfort 260 Wine Cellar will maintain the optimum temperature (55-57°F) for aging wines to perfection.

Note: Capacity is based off using standard 750 mL size bottles, using larger Pinot Noir/Rhone size bottles may limit the capacity. If you would like to store larger bottles you can easily adjust the height of any of the shelves.


UV-protected glass door

Want to have one at home? Click on the picture below.

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