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Last week I had a dilemma of what gift should I give my son in his birthday. I had a lot of choices but I do want to make sure that he’ll definitely dig the gift that I will give him. Since at the age of 10 he is already a tech-savvy person, I decided to look for a computer console that will be different amongst other ubiquitous consoles that are sold in the market today. After searching and researching on the things that I think my son would love, I have decided to purchase the new Nintendo console called Nintendo Wii. I went to the official website of the game console and recheck how exciting this new gadget.

Wii according to the website is not just a simple game console. It connects you and your loved one, making an instant bond when you play the game. Purchasing this product, you’ll have a collection of different games from the legendary Nintendo games such as Super Mario, Zelda and Metroid and also the new games that can are created for the Nintendo Wii console. As part of its many features, you can create your character to play in Wii games. You can also play with your friends online over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or you can simple use the Internet channel to access the web in the comfort of your sofa.Plus you can download classic games directly from the Wii website. So if you want a special bond with your kids then this console suits for you. I have given my son this gift and I am very that we are having one of the most wonderful moments together.

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