When something big could come from something small

Great things indeed come from small packages. So here in geekiegadgets, we are so hyped each time we are introduced with a new technological breakthrough that would  change our world and make it a bit better.

First in our roster is the world’s smallest projector.

At first it could be mistaken as a cellphone but if you would look closely and scrutinize it even more, you will realize that it is indeed a projector, with a size of a mobile phone.

Launched in Sydney, Australia bu Mint Trading Pty Limited, subsidiary of listed portable technology company Mint Wireless Limited is the world’s smallest commercially available pocket projector manufactured by Aiptek.

Measuring only 125 x 55 x 23mm (1cm longer than an iPhone) it projects a range of multimedia up to 50″ in size from 1.8m away, this breakthrough is said to be in the markets come September.

“There is nothing like the pocket projector on the market today – it is a true hybrid product that can be used for both business and leisure,” Alex Teoh of Mint Trading said. “Given the success of devices such as the iPhone, we expect the projector will fit well into this market.”

He added that they expect sales of the pocket projector to be high, particularly as we approach the Christmas period.

The suggested retail price was estimated at $649.

Mint Trading Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Aiptek’s range of pocket projectors, DV cameras, graphics tablets and digital photo frames.

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