What’s so tough about a toughbook?


Panasonic toughbook can take a lot of beating. So if you’re the outdoor type of person and you need to bring your notebook with you wherever you go then this is the perfect notebook for you! Panasonic Toughbooks are not the cheapest notebooks around but many still choose it over the rest. Its durability and awesome technology makes it stand out. 3 toughness categories Fully ruggedized, Semi ruggedized and Business ruggedized are available and it’s up to you to choose which one best suits your needs.

Panasonic toughbooks are shock and impact resistant. Half the time, notebooks are damaged because of accidental bumps and drops. No matter how expensive your notebook is, just one drop and it’s going straight to the technicians. Panasonic toughbooks have Magnesium alloy casings that are much stronger than conventional hard plastic casings. Not only that, Magnesium alloy thickeners and flexible suspensions are used to absorb the impact sustained by the toughbook. And it does not stop there! It has a humidity, dust and dirt protection too. Keypads are sealed in fully ruggedized and semi ruggedized models so no liquid could get inside. It does not have any air vents and heat is released through the Material alloy casing. Other openings such as for card slots are covered with rubber seals to protect it from dust and dirt.

It has a long battery life, the Intel Centrino Mobile Technology is already equipped, and a cutting edge display technology combined with its touch screen features and a fully-rotational screen makes this toughbook not just tough but cool as well.
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