Weight Problem Monitored

All I want for Christmas is an hourglass figure.

Well, your wish is certainly Taylor’s command. And who is Taylor, you may ask?

Well, Taylor only happen to manufacture the much awaited Body Fat Scale in the market.

The Precision Body fat scale can monitor your body fat and your body water to the 0.1% (using the bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) method), which is precise enough to monitor changes in your body health over time.

It can also measures bone mineral mass and muscle mass. Featuring 10 user memories and operates in either normal mode or athlete mode, the body fat scale has alarge LCD readout that features 3 lines of information, showing all the detail on one screen.

It is also equipped with a body fat and body water range graph that displays if you are in the optimal zone for your gender and age. Plus, this scale also functions as just a scale — simply step on to get your accurate weight up to 350 lbs by 0.2 lbs.

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