Web Connected Home Security System – “Monitor your Home from the Internet”


Home security has become an increasing necessity as the world becomes a more dangerous place. Today we have more and more security companies and security devices available. The type of devices that stand out against all the rest are the ones that are web connected, allowing the owners to view their property via the internet or communicate with pets or visitors from anywhere.
Web connected monitoring devices allow the owners to view their property via a safe secure internet site. They can control the activation of their system from this site and request the dispatch of necessary services. Also they can have their system send them messages via their pager or email such as certain alerts and activation confirmations. There is also an added feature of web-intercom technology which allows communication from the owner to the web-connected monitor.

The availability of web-intercom technology with web-connected home security can create a system perfect for anyone who may leave beloved pets at home or expecting visitors. Keep an eye on what your pets are doing, and communicate with them through web-intercom technology, it is the perfect way to still chastise them for getting on the furniture or barking while your gone. Also communicate with visitors who maybe ringing your doorbell or standing outside your gate that do not require your appearance and make it seem that you are home.

This technology is full of possibilities, the customizations available to the owner creates unlimited capabilities. There are several different products that are available based on the monitoring company you use research different companies to create the perfect system for yourself.

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  1. I think that web intercom will probably have some unintended side effects, especially when trying to calm pets down remotely. Personally I think the sound of the master’s voice while they’re gone would completely freak a dog out, prompting them to tear the place apart in search of their friend. Obviously it depends on the pet, but use caution (unless practical jokes on animals are your thing).

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