Waseda flutist robot No. 4 refined IV

waseda flutist robot No. 4 refined IV

waseda flutist robot No. 4 refined IV

Now classical musicians could have good reason to be worried as Japan’s Waseda University’s new robotic flautist makes no mistake. In fact it plays the challenging musical score of the ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ almost flawlessly.

The reasearch on the musical robot began in 1990, with the aim that it would eventually rival human musicians. The robot has been designed with a human – like quality that allows it to engage it with the audience, making in a contender for the concert performances in the future.

The eyes of the Waseda robotic flautist have cameras that facilitate its interaction with the audiences and other musicians, so we could soon see it playing duets with people. In a techinal breakthrough, the robots mought and lungs have been carefully designed to mimic the expert air control of a professional flautist.

The scientists hope to make the Waseda robot no 4 sophisticated enough to achieve better human computer interaction and then teach music to pupils.

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