Warning! This Paper will Self Destruct


Self Destructing Spy Paper is like having your own “Mission Impossible” type of spy item that you could use to send out valuable information that is meant to be read once and destroyed after without any way of retrieving any of the information written on it.

The self destructing spy paper looks like any other paper but behold, this innocent looking paper is meant to deliver valuable information but in just a few seconds of contact with any liquid, it dissolves right away and you are left with a useless scum-like substance.

Spy paper makes it a lot more comfortably secure to send out confidential information without worrying whether or not the paper would end up in other people’s hands right after the read had read the content. Just make sure to inform the reader that he or she should immediately place the paper in contact with any liquid.

Now, what if the reader is on a desert and there’s no water in sight? How do they dissolve the spy paper then? Not a problem. Well, the person then has no choice but to lick the paper into destruction, right? After all, it will just dissolve in seconds using “any” liquid so a person’s saliva is good enough.

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