Wake up with Oregon Scientific Radio-Controlled Projection Alarm Clock.

No matter where is your vision, if you can conceive it, then it is worth looking at. Now you can wake up in the morning with a cool looking alarm clock that project the time onto the wall or ceiling. 

If you demand a super stylish and unique looking alarm clock, then Oregon Scientific Radio-Controlled Projection Alarm clock helps your day start with more fun. Adding up more figures to just showing a time, it has Radio controlled projection clock with Indoor temperature, you can select 5 different languages to view month and date calendar, daily 1-minute crescendo alarm, 8-minute snooze that allows you to view your favorite time with a different vision. 

Simply putting up with different prospective, you only have to move your eyelids to see the time in big letters when  this alarm clocks project a laser beam anywhere you want.

Now your time is not the same as before because you wouldn’t choose same old alarm clock when you have Oregon Scientific Radio-Controlled Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature.

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