Visual revolution

A great thinker once said that time would come that people would grow tired of staring at a big black box.

I guess he has to think again.

Seemingly, nothing in this world could ever be good enough.  We are bombarded every day by new technologies that would almost always leave us wanting for it and green with envy.

I thought back then DVD is enough, with the high resolution movie that it could contain and the size is more than enough to hold a movie (it could even hold up to nine, I suppose), I need not ask for more.

But I guess there are really some people who are never satisfied and wanted something better.

As what they are saying, why not?

Truly Sony, has the same principles. Compatible to the recently introduced Blu-ray disc (BD) is the new BD player S5000ES that boasts of its one of a king HD Reality Enhancer and Super Bit mapping technology.

“Sony’s elevated standard or ‘ES’ products stand for the very best Sony has to offer, and this is no exception,” Chris Fawcett of Sony electronics’ home video division said.

Going beyond the “traditional” BD players, the new HD reality enhancer reduces the effects of film grain while the Super Bit Mapping delivers smoother color gradation.

It is also BD-live capable and allows you to connect through the Internet. It also has an expandable memory and the boot-up times is improved to approz six seconds with its quick start mode.

The BD player- S5000ES packs in a 14-bit HD video processor, Precision Cinema HD Upscale technology, Precision Drive HD, 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoding.

Wow. I guess I have to rethink on buying a new DVD player at that.

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