VentureOne Vehicle: Dynamic and Fuel efficient Vehicles

So as I sit here, watching Saturday passed by, and back to work again and search for cool stuffs, I just got knocked out with this unique and cool looking motorcycle that just looks like a sports car. Now its time for me  to take a control of a new revolutionary 3-wheel, tilting, plug-in Hybrid vehicle developed by innovative and  environmentally-friendly personal transportation company VentureOne. 

The basic structure just looks like any new model from some popular car. This agile looking and two-passenger seated, Three Wheel Motorcycle will make your riding experience radical with a fresh perspective by dimensioning new vision. Even better, this fully enclosed vehicle is surrounded by “safety cell” steel and unbelievable features like impact beams, safety roll cage driver airbag, rear bumper and engine shield which can only be seen in cars for the safety of driver,  and in this case a rider. “Ravishing the obsessive desire of riding”, VentureOne gives you close encounter of driving a BMW 3-series as it sits high off the road with 360° glass canopy effect giving a dynamic road visibility.

So how about fuel consumption, you might ask? Astonishingly, it comprise of a fuel-efficient internal combustion engine with advanced battery technologies. It can cover 100 miles from just 1 gallon of fuel and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mile in a just 7 seconds. It comprise with estimated 5 gallon tank for fuel in the Vehicle. Approximately weighing just around 1,200 pounds in prototype form, this fuel efficient hybrid vehicle is safer than riding a bike or car; it is classified as a motorcycle according to the NHTSA as it has 3 wheels. 

However, the Company says they are targeting to start selling the VentureOne in early 2010 in California, USA and accepting purchase deposits sometime in 2009.

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  1. I’m interested in purchasing this motorcycle please let me know if your going to be at any of the MC Shows in the US. Thank you.

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