USB train tickets

Ever felt the rush?

You know, when you’re adrenaline is already pumping, people are blocking your way and a long queue both in the ticket booth is nothing but an eye-sore.

Fret no more.

Surely, technology have always been trying to synchronize our needs to our essential belongings. Move over tickets or even SMS service for ticket buying that also requires you to fall in line with everyone and waste minutes of your precious time.

Introducing the USB tickets. This system uses a Weneo ID Smart or a USB card that allows passenger to pay for the ticket online and use it via the RFID reader.

This undertaking by the SNCF plans to expand contactless payment system to provide ease and comfort of course.

All a user needs to do is plug in the USB card onto their computer, and he or she can pay for their tickets in advance online, withdrawing funds from their own bank account.

This project however is only a test-run as SCNF is trying it out in more than a thousand passengers at this time.

If this turns out successful, I could just imagine how the world of ticket could change in a snap.

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