USB Secret Diary

Back in the days when there were no computers, flash drives and internet, girls were also fond of keeping their own diaries.  They would even put locks on it, so no one could read it.  Now, it’s an entirely different story, writing diary-style is now called “blogging”.  You don’t have to lug around your diary everytime you go out, because we already have the Secret Diary USB.  And since it is called a secret diary, it means that only the owner can have access to it.  Before you can open it, you have to enter your personalized PIN code.  In case you use other computers, it has a “traceless” data entry, which won’t leave any data that you have entered into that computer and it’s also hack-proof.  And if you need to back-up your entries, you have the option to register to their Never Lost subscription and they will retain your entries for you.  So you don’t have to worry if ever you loose your Secret Diary or if ever it gets stolen.

For such a small gadget, it is packed with awesome features.  Not only can you put your diary entries or blogs here, you can also customize them, since there are a lot of backgrounds, text styles and colors that you can use to decorate your entries or blogs.

Other features of the Secret Diary include the Fortune Cookie, which can give advices and tell fortunes; My Stars to rate your entries; Thinking Deep to help you decide on what to write about; the Dream Catcher analyzes your dreams.

All these for a very reasonable price of $59.95.

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