USB Mini Vacuum with Retractable Cable: Sucking every inch of a Dust

One of the best aspects of the USB technology is that, no matter what the size of the device is, it always works much smarter and makes many tasks easier. When you finished cleaning your computer, all there left is a Keyboard, and you don’t want to even imagine what could be there inside those narrow spaces between each key. Perhaps you can do nothing to the dusts that stick inside and between the keys of your keyboard and as time goes by, the keys start to become stiff and stop performing well even you press and hit the keys hard. Then you say “there goes my keyboard again.”

Now you know why you must get a New USB Mini Vacuum with Retractable Cable which is very easy to use, very portable and suck out every inch of dusts from your keyboard. Every now and then, when sometime you spill a diet coke, bread crumbs, or maybe a coffee or maybe something else…. Just turn on this smart USB device and you don’t have to worry about it any more. You don’t need extra batteries and other tools. It comes around with cleaning tool; Bristle brush and Keyboard tool. If the dusts are hard to be sucked out, then there is Turbo mode which will increase the power by 2 times. Now there will no room for any dusts in your keyboard anymore. Especially design for cleaning keyboards, with the help of LED function that this Dust Sucker has, it confirms that you don’t miss any corners.

Innovation comes with great idea, Your New USB Mini Vacuum dust sucker will your make sure that your typing go smooth and clean. That’s how you then can relax, write neat words and create new ideas of your own.

Device Specifications:

· Power consumption: USB DC + 5V with 1A Fuse secure
· Normal: 220mA, Turbo: 260mA
· Motor Working: Normal Stage: DC+4V at 18,000 RPM
· Normal Stage: DC +5V at 18,000 RPM
· Turbo Stage: DC +5V at 24,000 RPM

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