USB Mini Fridge

Do you work long hours in front of your personal computer or laptop? Don’t you just wish you could have an easy access to your favorite beverage you keep on your fridge that seems like hundreds of miles away? Well, this may bring a smile to your face!Keep yourself cool while surfing the net with the USB Mini Fridge! You just need to plug it on your PC’s USB port and it will cool 1 can of soda at a time.

You might wonder what on earth were they thinking creating a 1 can fridge? Well, it’s because you asked for it. Geeks like looking cool with hi-tech gadgets and cool stuffs for their PCs. So what can be cooler than a portable fridge? None!

It lowers down the temperature to 47 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains the temperature of your soda to offer you that refreshing drink whenever you need it.

What is its downside? You have to wait for 5 minutes before it gets to lower the temperature to 47 degrees Fahrenheit but then because of its portability and little energy use, it’s still a must have. It is a 5V USB-powered fridge so you wouldn’t need to worry about paying too much for electricity.

In addition, it looks really stylish and does look like a miniature version of a standard fridge. You open and close it the same way you would on a standard fridge! It looks so cool! You might even want to bring it with you wherever you go!

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