Undisturbed Sleep

snore stopper
There are just some people who are a big fan of snoring that they do it ever so loudly. Loud enough that you, the companion, would find yourself awakened from that fitful sleep. I’m not saying that these people snore on purpose. The problem is that they don’t know that they snore, if they do, well, they can’t stop it. Isn’t that just annoying? If you are the kind of person with a partner who is just this, by now for sure you have heard of stories and been given advices on how to stop the snoring without the use of pillows over either your head or over your partner’s head.

They say that in order to stop the snoring, you have to turn the person on his side. Well, this is an effective plan, but in order to do it, you have to be awakened by the snore first, and before you can exert energy in turning your bed mate to his or her side. By the time you are done, you have lost precious minutes of sleep already. That’s why an ingenious mind brought forth the Snore No More gadget. This very innovative product is made to be worn at the wrist just like the way you would wear a watch. What it does is send a mild and harmless electric signal to you whenever it detects your snoring. The basic thought for this product is that eventually, your body will be conditioned to stop snoring as soon as it feels the electric signals. In short, in order to avoid the electric signals, your body will stop the snoring.
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