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daylight projection clock
Are you one of those who are into nifty and useful gadgets? There are a lot of those things available on the market. Each with varying degrees of cleverness, usefulness, and sometimes the lack of such, these things are always a product of imagination and ingenuity. Take for example the Daylight Projection Clock, the latest techno invention from the guys of Oregon Scientific. Standing at 13.8 centimeters, width of 8.8 centimeters and weighing just a kilogram, it is the coolest form that a clock can take shape on. This clock shows time at a heightened level, that is, aide from showing the time the conventional way through the use of an LCD, it also projects it to the air.

The clock’s projection head can be rotated in a hundred eighty degrees for your convenience and what’s more, the display system has a built-in light sensor that will automatically change its intensity to suit and match the surroundings. The really cool idea of the Daylight Projection Clock is in its alarm system. It has a two minute alarm that increases in volume plus an eight minute snooze should you wish for more time in Dreamland. A bonus point is that should you wish to change the display mode, or wish to activate the snooze mode, you can do so with a wave of your hand. This really comes in handy when you are too tired and sleepy to hit the snooze button. And oh, did I mention that the clock also displays indoor temperature?
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