Thirsty Light Moisture Meter

Do you have a greenthumb, or perhaps, love plants? Do you have a garden at home, or perhaps a backyard? I am sure that you are fond of taking care of your plants, wether flowering or greenery. These plants need extra attention and care, but they cannot speak directly to you if ever they are thirsty.


Give voice to your plants with this Thirsty Light Moisture Meter! Now you can hear them talk and signal you that they need water. Water is very essential for them to grow and thrive well on soil. This is part of the process called Photosynthesis. With Thirsty Light Moisture Meter, your plants will never cry silently. You can see the light blinking if it needs water.


  • Drypoint Digital Circuit
  • Long-lasting LED
  • Corrosion resitant Brass Probe
  • 2 replaceable 1.5V Lithium batteries
  • ABS plastic casing


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