The World’s Smallest Projector or a Maginifier?

Do you spend most of the time, lying on the sofa and munching a big bucket of popcorn? If you answered yes, then congratulations consider yourself a “Couch Potato”.

For those movie lovers that like to watch at home, there is a new alternative for you here. Optimo Pico, the smallest and cutest projector in the world, which having the size almost like an iPod, has been released by Texas Instruments company recently.

According to the spokesperson from Texas Instruments, they have had planned to co-operate with one of the well known Taiwanese Projector company, Optoma to bring this Optimo Pico into commercialize product.

“We try to renovate and build a Projector that compatible with the mobile phones and media players functions, and this Optimo Pico is totally an outstanding projector that you’d ever seemed,” Said by the Texas Instruments company chairman.

Although this Optimo Pico is working fine with the battery-powered device, the main problem is the battery life can only last for two hours (Oh my god, it will be really annoying if you have to pause the movie and changing the battery). I think they need to figure something up with this battery matter, if they want this product to be commercialized in the market.

Overall, this portable projector would be another trendy hit, when it’s officially release for the public in the near future.

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