The Unshredder: Documentation Reconstruction Software


I love shredding papers. It’s so much fun and it hides all those unwanted documents that I want to burn but a fireplace isn’t available. However, there are times when I “mis-shred” some papers and I have to bring out my clear tape and patch them annoying documents again.  With the Unshredder, fixing up my boo-boos is a thing of the past.

For those who wants to know those well-kept secrets of their competition that are shredded to keep other people from knowing too much about their private lives, the Unshredder is the perfect spy gadget to bring your enemy, I mean your rival down. With the simple use of a scanning technology using the Unshredder’s intelligent system, all of those shredded documents will be seen and read without much difficulty. Unless of course, a piece of the paper, which just happens to be the most important part,  was blown away or thrown somewhere else, this device will definitely work for your evil schemes.

Bear in mind that the document wil still look torn and ripped but it’s very readable and you’ll be able to get all the info you need.

For only $950 (licensing fee), the Unshredder will change your life in just a couple of minutes, which means I’ll start burning paper from now on to keep thieving hands from getting my personal details.

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