The remote controlled attack bug

Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. Robotic Attack Creature
The Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. Robotic Attack Creature, another remote controlled toy in an insect form. The thing that separates this toy from other R/C insect toys is that is morphs into a missile launcher. At a flip of a switch on the remote. A rocket launcher pops out underneath the wing like structure.
The missiles, light foam with soft suction cup tips and weigh .07 ounces each, travel up to 20 feet . Which makes is safe for children and other valuable ceramics or vases.

The Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. Robotic Attack Creature, comes with NiCd battery pack and charger. Just like many other toys, the batteries need to be charged for at least 5 hours to be fully charged.

In summary, the Tyco R/C N.S.E.C.T. Robotic Attack Creature is a unique R/C toy in insect form with fire power which you coud enjoy for a long time.

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