The Pileus Umbrella

Having only a dual purpose, umbrellas are the best defense against two weather conditions; sunny and rainy. Although is you use it for some other reasons, you can add it up to its to-do list. As everyone knows, an umbrella is a “bring it anywhere” gadget that serves as a shade when walking along the streets, having picnics, and others. However, it has been given not much attention as the weather can be really unpredictable and bringing this along is just a hassle.

Thanks to technology and the concept of innovation, the umbrella has been transformed to a whole new look and much added purpose. Introducing, the Pileus Umbrella. This is no ordinary excess hand carry item. The Pileus Umbrella allows you to take pictures with its built-in camera and can be immediately uploaded to a Flickr account. Uploading of the shots taken is made possible through a wireless internet connection. As quick as two minutes get to watch the stream of photos taken by you, not on your PC monitor but on the umbrella’s screen. It’s all through a simple wrist snap action.

The Pileus Umbrella was invented in Tokyo, Japan and has a GPS or Global Positioning System and its own digital compass. The attached digital compass is powered by Google Earth so you won’t get lost as you make your way on the streets or even when at any place around the world. According to some sources, this umbrella will step again into another level as a video capture function will be added to it soon.

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